The future of writers and the role of AI in it!

Google loves Quality! Google doesn't care what your text is written with!

My five cents on the GPT-2 or Transformer detector and why the future belongs to AI writers. From time to time I receive messages saying that the texts generated by AI with these detectors appear as fake. (There are GPT text detectors that are able to determine whether the text is also written by AI or by a human).

Don't worry about Google being able to detect AI text as AI-generated. I will reveal a secret to you. I use the T5 20B model made by Google for some of the templates in TextBuilder. And I will reveal an even bigger secret. Google has developed the 500B AI model, currently the most powerful in the world (apart from the Chinese one), which is 3x more powerful than GPT-3 DaVinci.

And this 500B model is so powerful that Google can detect absolutely anything in your text! And they have been able to detect AI-generated text for years. Google itself is actively working on AI models, on text generators, and apparently, soon Google could offer an OpenAI/DaVinci competitor. These are just my personal observations and prediction.

Google is NOT AGAINST AI-generated text. Google themselves are active developers of AI text generators.

Why is Google developing its own AI text typing models? Because the internet is full of poorly written texts by PEOPLE. And paradoxically, a well-trained AI model can write better than a poorly written human!

The future belongs to AI writers. The author of the future will be the one who will learn how to properly compose AI commands and get a perfect, scientifically in-depth, and factually accurate text (all this is definitely the near future, for now, AI is still in its infancy). Google is AGAINST SPAM and low-quality text.

I will remind you. Google hates LOW-QUALITY TEXT!

You can hire a human to write the text, with the hope that Google will not be able to recognize the AI ​​text, but if that person writes low-quality text, then you will not get on the first pages of Google anyway.

But if you learn how to correctly compose AI commands and write a very valuable and useful text with the help of AI, then you will get to the front pages! And Google doesn't really care what it's written with. Because today, properly guided AI can write much better than a human who writes very poorly.

I will repeat it again. The AI tool is a powerful tool. With the help of AI, you can get a BETTER QUALITY TEXT. And Google loves quality!
Learn to use the tool correctly (learn to write quality and useful text) and you will get to the front pages.

If you want to say that Google will ban AI content, then we can safely say that it will also ban photographers who use Photoshop, manufacturers who use robots in factories, architects who use AutoCAD, and furniture carpenters who use electric drills and saws. Anything that makes life easier for humans should be banned. AI writers are here, AI writers are the future, and AI writers are here to stay.

There will be more and more AI-written text. More and more companies will automate text writing. News will be written with AI (by correctly entering data into it), and product reviews. It's all the future. It is not preventable. Google, then you will have to ban the entire internet. ?

The future of writing is the future of thinking!

Zigmars Berzins

Zigmars Berzins Author

Founder of – a company that develops AI writers, helps people write texts, and earns money from writing. Zigmars has a Master’s degree in computer science and has been working in the software development industry for over 30 years. He is passionate about AI and its potential to change the world and believes that can make a significant contribution to the field of writing.